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Sexting – A New Crisis for Relationships?

Sexting ’ what is it? Its definition is sending or making receive way of SMS with bad photos or words which occurred with mobile phone or various social media. Actually sexual explicit is by communication. Tendency of it created by various ways when from the mobile or social media running and presented today. Steadily this […]

Dirty Talk to me Your Man in Bed

talk dirty to me  – Dirty talk to your man is most important to survive relation with man. Some women don’t like to use this with them, for this many couple feels lonely. They mind that she doesn’t love him. But maybe that is not the reason, some of their feel uncomfortable to Dirty talk. […]

Safe Sex: Getting the Right Condom Size

Condom size is an essential part of safe sex. If you select the right sized condom for safe sex which is essential to true contentment. Condoms can reduce the sensitivity of the stone, not the sex that’s just fucking time it may open hazard. Again the tight condom reduces sexual pleasure but sex on the […]

How to should first time sex for boys

first time sex

First Time Sex For Boys For practical purposes male adolescence is assumed to coincide with a boy’s first ejaculation. Boys who become adolescent first before 12 years of age often have the highest orgasm frequencies throughout their lives.   1st Step :  First Time Having Sex For Boys Statistics can be misleading. For example, men […]

How To Intimate Relationships, Sex, Celibacy, And Me

How To Intimate Relationships, Sex, Celibacy, And Me : Please Read My Story And Know You. My background Before I begin, let me make it clear. My perspective is biased. Guess what? Everyone’s perspective is biased. At least I know and admit mine is. Perspective is often just another word for opinion. You know what […]

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