erotic poems Becoming my friends sissy

erotic poems I was standing in the pub toilet having a piss. filipino sex stories I had been in the pub for a couple of hours and had had a few pints with my mate Roger. I had tried to slip off for a piss by myself while Roger was up getting another pint. As I stood really close to the trough my little cock was dribbling, when Roger came bounding in. There you are Tom, I thought you had done a runner, he laughed.


He stood beside me and fished out his enormous cock from his trousers. Unlike me he stood about a foot from the urinal. I glanced down, knowing that I would see a magnificent big cock, I guessed 6 inches flaccid and a handful in circumference. I looked down at my own which was barely 2 inches (I just held it between my thumb and forefinger when pissing).

Tom slapped me on the back “don’t worry mate, size isn’t everything” I laughed, but didn’t really mean it. I haven’t had a girlfriend for over a year, the last one just lasted long enough for me to wine and dine her, and then when we decided we were going to fuck she could not hide her disappointment at how inadequate I was. She was pretty nice about it, she let me cum inside her but then, pretending she received a text message rushed home, and that was the last I saw her. erotic poems

Since then frankly I have become a porn addict. It didn’t judge me, it didn’t laugh at me and frankly it opened up a lot of possible avenues for pleasure which I had never even thought about. For me a perfect night in, was being in front of my laptop, headphones on listening to video after video. I had even started experimenting with my ass, and had invested in a dildos and butt plugs which played a bigger and bigger role in my porn evenings.

I guess porn taught me that I should consider myself a sissy. Women would never take me seriously, but possibly if I found the right man I would experience the beauty of being owned by a huge cock. The blogs I read recommend an anal orgasm was every bit as good as what I achieved with my own cock. erotic poems


Anyway, I looked back at Roger pissing beside me and decided to risk it “you really do have a magnificent cock, did I ever tell you that?” Roger looked at me quizzically “I don’t fucking think so mate, you haven’t gone gay on me have you?” I said nothing, popping my little Dick back into my trousers and as I left said “labels labels”

I went back to my seat and started drinking my pint before Roger came bustling out “what do you mean labels, it was a pretty simple question I asked?”

It was probably the effect of all of the alcohol I had had but also the fact that my porn addiction left me feeling no shame whatsoever about how I got my sexual kicks so I decided to tell Roger

I explained how I had given up on women, I had only ever really experienced rejection and humiliation. I explained how as long as there were guys with massive cocks like his, guys like me didn’t stand a chance. I asked him if he watched any porn. erotic poems

“Course I do mate, I’ll probably check some out when I get home from the pub, you know a quick wank before I go asl**p”

I told him that every spare minute I had a day when I wasn’t working for eating that I spent online on a porn site, x-hamster. I described how having been rejected for the last time a year ago I decided to explore an alternative sex life. I admitted I was addicted to porn, that I loved all of the variety that it offered and how it had expanded my view with regards to my own sexuality. I explained that, that is what I meant when I said “labels labels”

Roger looked at me quizzically, “what do you mean?”

“Well have any of your girlfriends or even you when you are wanking ever played with your asshole?” I asked

Roger blushed, bless him “the bird before last stuck her finger up my ass one time, wasn’t bad, but I never did it again”

“Well I have explored getting pleasure from my ass every time I wank these days. I’ve got a selection of dildo’s and butt plugs that I use, and I have to say it’s given me so much more pleasure from sex than I ever had before” erotic poems

I let that sink into Roger and we both took a drink from our pints.

I decided to continue” maybe when you go home you can have a look at my page on X hamster, you can see some of the stuff I’m into……………………….” I texted him my username and soon after that we parted.

When I got home as usual I logged in, to see if there were any messages from my porn mates, I answer them and checked out my news-feed for any new hot videos and galleries.

About 15 minutes later a new friend invite popped up from “big boy Roger” I laughed out loud, he wasn’t very subtle. I accepted and immediately sent a message.

“Welcome aboard, big boy Roger, check out my favorites and stories where you can see what gets me off these days” erotic poems

I was pretty excited that Roger had been open-minded enough to go this far. But I had deliberately posted a story before I’d gone to the pub, hoping the night would pan out as it had. The story was pretty obvious. It was about an inadequate guy called tinycockhetero who worshiped his friend who had a massive cock. Tinycockhetero wanted his friend to be his wank buddy, and hope that that would develop into him serving his friend as sissy.

I got out my fattest butt plug and having squirted lube over it I lowered my ass onto it. I had developed a perfect wanking method. Sitting up and down, the butt plug stretched my ass, not even touching my little cock. I listen to sissy Hypo videos on my headphones and absorbed the huge cocks, c covered faces and gaping ass holes in front of me. It never failed in making me come.

I then sat with the butt plug embedded in my ass and checked my story. My heart jumped, there was a comment at the bottom of the story from big boy Roger, it read “what guy wouldn’t want a sissy at his disposal?” erotic poems

I replied “my place tomorrow night 8 PM”.


The next evening.

I had taken the day off work, as soon as I knew Roger was coming over. Now, I knew he was pissed at the time but his comment about what guy wouldn’t want a sissy reverberated in my mind. I would never get a better invitation than this, and besides whenever I fantasied about sucking or getting fucked by a huge cock it was always Rogers. For Roger this was a very low risk adventure. I wasn’t some faggot he had met in a pub, I was his best mate and he knew whatever happened I would never tell anybody. erotic poems

I shaved my body so that it was completely hairless and then applied oil which made me look a little bit healthier. I then locked up my cock with little chastity cage. I had experimented with this for a few months, and had taken to wearing it every day for the past six months. Ironically, the only day I hadn’t worn it was when I went to the pub with Roger. I have experimented with dressing up as a true sissy and decided to go for it. I put on my little pair of panties and suspenders and a little strapped T-shirt. I also put on a wig which I had bought a couple months previously. erotic poems

The doorbell rang and nervously I went and opened it. Roger looked at me and then looked at the number on my door with a puzzled look on his face “it’s me Roger” I said in my low sissy voice he stared at me and burst out laughing “so it is, so it is”, I left him at the door and minced my way into the living room, giving him an opportunity to take in the sight of me in my stockings and tiny mini-dress. I heard a whistle behind me and “sexy”

I giggled, surprising myself at how subservient I had become in the presence of Roger. I had one of my sissy videos playing on the TV. Roger stood in the living room, unsure what to do. I took charge taking his coat from him and throwing it to one side. I then unbuttoned his shirt from top to bottom and took the opportunity of reaching in and feel his beautiful muscular chest, I threw his shirt to one side as well and stood back admiring his gorgeous manly body. erotic poems

I then took hold of his belt and undid that pulling it out of his trousers completely. I rubbed my hand down the front of his trousers feeling for his cock. I was not disappointed. As ever Roger was wearing no underwear and his cock was stretched down the right leg of his trousers. I traced its outline gently with my hand and felt it engorge as I touched it. Roger expelled a deep breath and slipped his shoes off.

I slowly opened his trousers and pulled down his fly. As I pulled his trousers down I assumed the kneeling position, waiting for his fat cock to bounce out and hit me on the face. I had dreams of this moment for a long time. Smack, I laughed this beautiful magnificent cock hit me in the face. By now he was completely naked, and every bit the alpha male I had always known him to be. His cock and balls were completely shaved and were truly truly gorgeous. I pushed back onto an armchair and shuffled over, kneeling between his legs. I lifted his legs so they were d****d over my shoulders which had the advantage of pulling his ass forward in the chair. There before me was a gorgeous ass (had Roger shaved this specially for me?) And a beautiful big pair of balls hanging beneath a monster cock. I hoped I could be a good enough sissy to deserve what was on display before me. erotic poems


Looking Roger in the eye I teased the head of his cock. It was a beautiful mushroom, soft and spongy and with its coating of per-cum it tasted of man. Knowing he would probably cum quite quickly, I decided to focus on his ass hole and balls. I knew Roger would have plenty of sluts would suck his cock, so I wanted to give him something different. I pushed his legs back to his chest, opening up his gorgeous ass. I buried my face in their, licking and sucking at his ass hole and probing it with one of my fingers. Roger loved it, or at least that’s the impression I had as he pushed his ass onto my finger. erotic poems

As I slowly fucked him with first one then two fingers I then took his balls in my mouth, making love to them. The soft skin, the heavy testicles were intoxicating, knowing that they were full of spunk which I would swallow drove me crazy. Roger was looking down at me seeing his big cock sway from side to side across my face. He took hold of it and started slapping my face with it, driving me crazy. He started to wank himself and understanding he was close I am engulfed his cock in my mouth trying to sink it all the way down. I had taken about 6 inches when Roger grabbed my head and f***ed it all the way down, my chin resting on his balls. Then he grunted and I felt short after shot of cum down the back of my throat. It was everything I dreamed of. My fingers in his ass hole and his cocking mouth spurting spunk down my throat.

After he had stopped coming I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned it gently. Roger thoughtfully patted me on the head saying “you really are the perfect sissy” erotic poems

I kept my fingers in his ass and slowly but surely my cleaning of his cock made it erect again, growing in my mouth. I looked Roger in the eye and in my best sissy voice said “would you like to take my anal virginity?”

Roger laughed “I thought you’d never ask” sexstories

With that I got on all fours, so that he could see my pretty little knickers and when he removed them the butt plug in my ass. He slowly removed it, expressing surprise when he saw how wide it was. He started to slowly fork me with it, clearly enjoying the sight of my sphincter stretch and relax around it. One last time he withdrew the bl**d plug and then quickly pushed the head of his cock into my ass. I almost fainted. It was huge and at first very painful. I had thought that all of my preparation would have helped, but in truth Roger was so big it was like being fucked with a wine bottle. erotic poems

I froze, hoping the pain would subside which it did. Roger was a very considerate lover! He waited for me and when I started to gently push back on his cock he provided resistance, putting me in charge of how much I could take each time. Back and forward, back and forward I went until I had half of him inside me. Even my own pathetic little cock was now straining in its cage. filipino sex stories

Within the space of a couple of minutes I went from mainly thinking about the pain to only experiencing intense pleasure. Some of it was physical, the feeling of a huge piece of human flesh in my ass. But so was the psychological thought of being owned by such an alpha male. I immediately recognized that this was the sissy in me accepting my role. A beautiful sense of total calm washed over me soon followed by pure a****l lust.

I started more f***efully pushed back onto Roger’s giant cock and he sensing my need for more took hold of my hips and started fucking me. I had heard about cock heaven but never really experienced it, but now there I was, in cock heaven. erotic poems

For the next five minutes myself and Roger became pure sex obsessed a****ls. He was driven by a primal urge to deposit his seed in me and I was driven by a primal urge to be bred by him. His thighs slapped against my legs, his balls against my ass. I was now taking 10 or 11 inches of cock all the way down my ass. Then, Roger pulled my hips hard back against his cock and held them there and grunting I felt his spunk shoot into my guts, rope after rope of his beautiful beautiful sperm shot inside me. At that moment if it were possible I would have willingly became pregnant by him.

I was definitely Rogers Sissy


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