First Time Sex Stories Master and Student

First Time Sex Stories Michael had glanced in the rear-view mirror first time gay sex stories for a moment, almost colliding with the black Ford that abruptly swung out in front of him. He screamed and shook his fist, something out of character for a nice guy like him! He was on his way home and in a hurry, he had been invited to dinner at a neighbor’s house and he was already late.

Michael was the headmaster of the high school in Greenvile, a highly regarded school for teenagers. Despite the school’s fine reputation, he found his job was sucking the life out of him. The end of the school year was approaching and the air was filled with both the pupil’s and the teacher’s talk. Some students were dissatisfied with the results of their final exams; others were so disgruntled they didn’t bother to show up at school in the last week.

“If only we could re introduce corporal punishment,” he muttered to himself in frustration.

His thoughts wandered as he envisioned a naked teenage girl bent over his desk, her ass cheeks exposed. He pictured himself spanking her cheeks, alternating left and right until they were bright red and tears were running down her pretty face. It would be a fitting punishment he thought, smiling to himself. Who would the butt belong to? Whose tears would he enjoy seeing shed?

Would it be Ann? Her name and phone number were scrawled in many of the school’s restroom stalls, along with the words fuck and whore. Was it Emma? First Time Sex Stories She also had a reputation as a little nymphomaniac, judging by the wall inscriptions. Susan? She seemed to always have a skirt that was two inches shorter than the minimum length permitted by the school’s dress code.

Michael felt he had a good handle on his female students’ reputations. Naughty girls, most of them. Not that he ever would dream of admitting his thoughts about the school’s pupils to anyone. He had been a respected teacher at the school for many years, finally earning the esteemed position of headmaster. If people actually knew what was going on in his head, he’d have to resign in disgrace!

Despite the risk his forbidden thoughts posed, Michael’s thoughts would not leave the fantasy of the sweet young naked bottom over the desk. What if the bottom belonged to Sarah? He momentarily savored the thought but immediately dismissed it from his mind.

Ah, sweet and innocent Sarah. She was his neighbor’s daughter and clearly forbidden fruit. Plus, she was a nice girl with a good reputation. Michael wondered if she would be joining them for dinner, then shook his head to get rid of the thought. He was close to the whole family, had known them since they moved in ten years earlier. He had seen Sarah grow up from a pretty little girl to a lovely young woman.

She was only 18 years old with blonde hair and extremely sexy. Michael used to secretly watch when she was out on the porch, getting a tan in her small bikini. Her small breasts rose just under the top and sweat beaded up on her flat belly. He savored the sight of her blond hair that lay like a halo around her head, her small lips slightly parted. The small lips around his big cock. No! He was ashamed of his thoughts.

His frantic driving pace had paid off, he was only seven minutes late. Parking the car in his driveway, he walked across the street to the neighbor’s house and knocked. The door swung open, and Sarah’s mother Mary welcomed him.

“Ah, our guest is right on time! Come in, the food is hot and ready!”

Mary smiled warmly as she took his thin summer jacket.

“Michael, it’s about time you got here,” Sarah’s father Peter called out from the other room.

“You’ve got to stop working so hard my friend or you’re going to be pushing up daisies instead of retiring.”

He walked in and pointed to an empty seat at the table. Following his host’s direction, Michael sat down.

“I’ve still got plenty of time left so I’ll take it easy when I retire.” Michael replied and laughed.

Noting that the table was only set for three people, Michael felt a sting of disappointment. He shrugged it off, not allowing it to affect his good mood. Good food with good friends was always nice, and Mary served up a feast that, in Michael’s mind, was fit for a king. As they were finishing the phone rang and Mary went out into the hall to answer. She returned in a moment and spoke to her husband.

“Peter, it was John calling, we need to come in to the hospital straightaway.”

Both Mary and Peter were doctors, tonight they were on call. Mary turned to Michael.

“I’m sorry we’re such poor hosts that we have to run but don’t feel like you have to leave. There’s chocolate mousse in the fridge and I rented some movies so just make yourself at home. We’re probably going to be back in a few hours.”

“No problem, I understand,” Michael said.

Mary and Peter left in rather a rush for the hospital. Michael brought out the dessert and sat down on the sofa in the living room. He turned on the big screen TV and watched a reality show for a while but soon grew bored and decided to take a look at the movie rental services. Suddenly the front door opened.

“Hey, I’m home,” called a sweet high pitched voice.

It was Sarah! She came into the room and looked at him with surprise. Trying to recover from his own surprise, Michael tried to sound casual as he greeted her.

“Hey, Sarah. Your parents had an emergency at First Time Sex Stories the hospital but they should be back in a few hours. We just ate dinner. There are plenty of leftovers you if you’re hungry.”

“I’ve already eaten,” she replied and took off her shoes.

Michael could not help but admire the curves of her legs.

“What are you looking at?” she asked demurely as she sat on the sofa next to him.

“Oh, nothing special.”

Michael was distinctly aware of Sarah’s presence. The image of her small lips around his big dick flashed through his head; but he forced it away. The reality show was still on but his thoughts had gone on an entirely different direction. Sarah was sitting right next to him and he caught the soft scent of her perfume.

He pretended to watch television but was concentrating on her loveliness from the corner of his eye. He decided to change the channel to something more interesting but inadvertently changed the program to an erotic thriller, in the middle of an intense love scene. He was embarrassed and was about to change when Sarah spoke up.

“Please, uncle Michael. Don’t change it. If my parents were home they wouldn’t allow me to watch this and I want to see.”

He looked at her in surprise but she didn’t notice him. Her eyes were glued to the television screen. Michael couldn’t help himself and he could feel the erection forming in his pants. Sweet innocent little Sarah was an enrapt in the passionate action unfolding in front of her.

Michael noticed the rising and falling of her breasts, combined with her breathing becoming more ragged as she began to internalize the passion displayed on the screen. She was so intensely focused it was as if she was completely unaware of him, the tent pole forming in his pants went unnoticed.

As Sarah’s passion seemed to grow, so did Michael’s. The scent of her perfume invaded his nostrils, he could no longer control his own carnal thoughts. He pictured taking Sarah’s hand and holding it against his growing penis.

A last minute effort by his rational mind to stop himself went unheeded. Slowly, he soundlessly lowered his zipper, his hardness firm against his underwear. Taking the soft hand closest to him, he guided it to the cloth covering his ever hardening manhood.

Sarah gasped as her fingers made contact with the bulge of his member, no longer focused on the staged passion on television. Her eyes were wide in surprise now that she was experiencing the real thing.

Murmuring soft words of encouragement, Michael reached his free hand towards her and placed it between her knees, gently spreading them apart. For the first time, he caught the delicate scent of her womanly juices coming from beneath the thin panty material between her legs.

Sarah’s eyes widened and a small gasp left her lips but her hand remained on top of his dick and to Michael’s surprise her grip on his member through the underwear became firmer. Taking it a step further, she started to gently move her hand lightly up and down over his straining penis.

Sighing loudly, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes as his innocent angel pleasured him. Michael thought that it must be a dream. He opened his eyes and met Sarah’s gaze. She looked into his eyes before she shyly looked down towards her hand and its wonderful activity. Her grip on his cock became stronger as she massaged it.

“Yes, so good,” he sighed.

He heard how the young girl giggled. Suddenly, the reality of the situation crossed Michael’s mind. What the hell was he doing and why did she call him uncle? Here he sat, a man close to forty years old, a respectable headmaster and leader in the academic community and he was about to throw it all away in exchange for the pleasure of little Sarah’s hand manipulating his manhood through his undergarment.

“Sarah. No, this is not possible. We have to stop.”

He groaned, trying to recover his wits and his dignity.

“No, I won’t stop. I want to do this. I want to learn. Mummy and daddy think I’m too young to know about these things but I’m not,” she replied defiantly.

“They say only wicked girls do these things. You don’t think I’m wicked, do you uncle Michael?”

Hardly in a position to disagree with the nymphet manipulating his cock, Michael could only agree.

“No, not at all Sarah. You’ve always been a conscientious student and a dutiful daughter.”

Michael wanted to add, until tonight but feared that she’d stop. He didn’t want her to stop, he remained silent and gave himself over to her. Leaning back, he closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. He dared not to look at Sarah for fear that she would change her mind. The pulse of his beating heart and the throbbing of his penis flexed against his underwear. Her lovely hand continued to rub the sensitive hump in his jeans.

“Sarah, I don’t want to take advantage of you. Please tell me you’re sure you want this,” he said, holding his breath.

“Yes,” she replied.

Michael stood and zipped his pants up, then took her hand and gently pulled her up off the couch. She was so petite that her face barely reached the middle of his chest. Lowering his face to hers, he found her lips and gave her an initial chaste kiss. Wrapping her arms round his neck she fervently responded to the kiss and brought her tongue in his mouth.

Michael suddenly felt himself weak in the knees. He had dreamed and fantasized about this moment but never ever allowed himself to dwell on those thoughts too long. The risks were too great. Tonight however, risks be damned, there was to be no such thing as too long.

Michael took Sarah by the hand and led her to the study farther down the hall. In it there was a couch and a desk, more importantly the room had a window that overlooked the front of the house. Despite throwing caution to the winds, he nonetheless had to keep watch. How disastrous it would be if Peter and Mary came home just when he, a trusted family friend, was in the midst of passion with their 18 year old daughter? It would ruin him personally and professionally.

Michael sat on the sofa and to her surprise Sarah fell down on her knees in front of him, between his legs. It felt like his cock was about to burst in his pants. He opened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. One hand slid his pants down along with his underwear and with the other hand he pulled out his penis.

Finally! Sarah’s facial expression was a mix of delight and fear. His groin was level with her face. Had she even seen a cock before? For a moment, he hesitated. His feelings of lust aside, he did care for Sarah and wanted to be sensitive to her feelings.

“You don’t have to do anything with it. You want can just come sit beside me if you’re nervous,” he told her.

She did not answer. Instead, she took hold of his cock and gripped the shaft with her little hand. Then she began to slowly move her hand up and down, her strokes hesitant. He shivered with pleasure, leaned his head back and groaned.

“Is it nice?” Sarah asked.

Michael was in such ecstasy he couldn’t speak, all he could manage was to smile and nod. He looked down at Sarah’s hand, firmly grasping his penis. She pulled up her hand, took a firmer grip and pulled down his foreskin, exposing the reddish purple swollen glans. As if bewitched, she stared at it. Michael swallowed hard.

“Do you want me to do something?” Sarah asked.

“Not unless you want to,” he replied softly.

Michael feared saying or doing the wrong thing would ruin the moment and frighten the girl away. She moved her hand up and down the shaft as she moved closer. Suddenly she leaned forward and bowed her head toward his cock. With wide eyes, he saw the small lips envelope the upper tip of the glans. He stared, not believing it was actually happening at last!

He inhaled sharply as he felt her tongue contact the small slot on the top of the glans, then move further down and proceeded to lick the rest of his shaft. He could feel the pulsing and throbbing of his hardness travel up his entire midriff.

Sensing his pleasure, Sarah’s mouth enveloped his cock again, more deeply this time. Her mouth moved up and down his cock, more enthusiastically with each stroke. He was in ecstasy when the innocent Sarah was actually sucking his dick!

“Mm. Mm. Mm. Mm. So nice,” he murmured.

She continued to suck and lick. Michael felt like his cock was going to explode and pump out his seed in Sarah’s mouth and her face at any second. Not wishing it to end so soon, he pulled back and gently pushed away her head. She looked up at him in surprise, drops of pre cum glistened on her slightly parted lips.

He stood up next to her with his dick standing straight out. She stood up monetarily and then seated herself on the couch. She was wearing a short skirt and when she sat down it slid up a bit revealing a pair of light pink panties.

Michael thought she’d modestly try to pull it down but instead Sarah pulled her skirt up further, raised her hands under it and pulled off her panties. Then she pulled up her legs and put her feet on the edge of the sofa, her knees parted to reveal her pussy. The whole time she maintained eye contact with him.

“Uncle, I want to fuck like the other girls in school do,” she said, looking down as if confessing.

“I haven’t done it before like they have, so please be gentle with me but I want to.”

Michael couldn’t take his eyes off her pink opening. It was almost hairless, except for a blond tuft at the top. The light pink outer lips were parted, revealing the darker hued interior. It looked soft and swollen, glistening with moisture. He swallowed hard, his breathing now ragged with lust. Tearing his gaze from it, he looked into her eyes.

They were wide with anticipation a little fear. Then reality intruded for a moment as he heard the crunch of tires on gravel and thrumming of engine noise. Both Michael and Sarah winced and looked out the window but the car drove past and continued down the street. The sound of it brought Michael back to reality for a moment, bringing with it First Time Sex Stories tremendous amounts of guilt. What the hell was he doing? Had he really thought about Sarah?

The guilt was short lived, however, eradicated by the image of Sarah’s small lips around his engorged cock. He groaned involuntarily and returned his gaze to Sarah on edge of the sofa, her legs spread in readiness to become a woman.

As if in a trance he went up to her, leaned over her and kissed her. She returned his kiss and brought her hand down to his cock, closing her hand around it. Involuntarily he began moving his hips, thrusting his cock in her tender grasp.

Sarah slid down so that she lay horizontally on the couch, Michael knelt on the floor next to her with his tongue in her mouth and his dick in her hand. He slowly maneuvered himself up on the couch until he lay directly on top of her. This maneuver caused his cock to slip out of her hand, and he re positioned it between her legs. Michael heard her swallow and when he looked up at her, she looked nervous.

“Uncle, we need protection,” she whispered, looking even more nervous.

Michael reached down to the pocket of his jeans, pulling out his wallet. With one hand he unfolded it and pulled out a bunch of condoms. Straightening himself upright, he looked down at his cock and for once, cursed its size. He knew he’d have to move very slowly and carefully so as not to hurt her tight little love canal. Sarah watched with fascination as he rolled on the rubber. The lubed condom went on a little more than halfway down his cock. He looked at her again.

“Do you really want to do this with me?” he asked.

He stifled a groan at the sight of her slit, wet for him!

“Yes,” she replied softly.

“Better with my uncle who cares for me than getting used by a boy who’ll laugh with his friends about it the next day. That’s what happened to Ann and now everyone at school thinks she’s a whore. You won’t tell anyone, will you uncle?”

“No, never, sweet Sarah,” Michael whispered.

Exhaling slowly, he lay down gently on top of her and put his cock between her legs. His thighs slid against hers as he slid his hips forward. Gently he maneuvered his rubber coated cock in position right at her opening. Memories mixed with fantasies flooded his brain but he mentally pushed them away and focuses on his task. He was in a state of erotic disbelief, it was as if was just a realistic dream, one that he feared he might wake up from any moment.

Michael pushed his cock between Sarah’s lips ever so slightly and she gasped. Gently he let it find its way in between her soft folds until he detected only soft resistance. He could not help but emit a low moan. Bringing his hand down and softly probing with one finger he confirmed her wetness. Sarah winced as he found her intact hymen just beyond the entrance.

“Please take it easy, uncle,” she begged.

He kept his finger where it was but stopped pushing and kissed her lips. He could feel her begin to relax now and buried his head in her hair next to the soft neck and breathed in her sweet scent. Kissing her on the neck now, he let his finger slip a little deeper between her soft lips and into the narrow hole. She closed it tightly on his finger.

“Oh,” she sighed.

Michael worked his finger further inside, then slowly pulled it out, once he sensed she was sufficiently wet and comfortable he began a slow motioning in and out, achieving a gentle rhythm.

“Oh, yes. I love my uncle,” Sarah moaned. He could feel her pushing her mound against his hand in pleasure. Michael struggled to maintain his composure but the sensations were so overwhelming he couldn’t wait any longer. Pulling out his finger, he slipped his cock in position against her tight virginal opening. Very slowly he began to press his cock forward and Sarah gasped as the tip made its way between her outer labia. Utilizing minimal pressure, he continued to press on until he penetrated her slightly.

“Oh, be careful uncle. Be gentle with me,” Sarah said.

Michael kissed her again and she responded fervently. Their tongues danced, it was as if the distraction lessened her discomfort. Michael utilized all his self control to not push the entire length of his cock into her lovely tightness all at once. Instead he lay completely still for a few moments, enjoying the feel of the tip of his cock head enveloped by Sarah’s newly opened little pussy.

He pulled back slightly and then back to the same position. He heard her moaning weakly. He repeated the movement and she whimpered again. The third time he slid into another inch and Sarah winced before he pulled back. He had felt the resistance of her waiting hymen.