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First time sexx Lisa pulled into the driveway of the very familiar home she knew so well. sister love sex fantasy Her mother was going to Denver for three months and convinced her to move back home and keep an eye on the house but more importantly-keep an eye on Michael, her younger brother. Lisa had enjoyed her apartment and the peace and solitude it gave her but she also had a yearning to come home, which puzzled her, yet she knew the reasons deep down inside herself.

Being twenty-five and yet some might have mistaken her for being forty-five or even fifty by the way she dressed. However, she had a beauty that was just hidden away for whatever reasons she did it. At five foot six and barely weighing 115lbs., she was a very attractive young woman but she just hid it from all to see-except Michael always saw the potential was right under the surface. Lisa was so shy but yearned to be the opposite but it scared her so about rejection. first time sexx

Mike on the other hand was so opposite his sister. You would think they were not related because the differences were so apparent. Moreover, the fact he was five years younger did not help either. Being 6’1 and always having the athletic build perhaps reinforced his own since of confidence. He wished his sister had just a fraction what he possessed.

Sandy Thomas said goodbye to Lisa and Michael as the limo waited outside to take her to the airport. “You guys have a good time and don’t worry about us.” Mike said.

“I won’t.” Sandy replied and hugged both of them. first time sexx 

The next few days proved like going back in time for both of them. Lisa read a lot as usual and Mike worked out and went out at night with his friends. Lisa was able to transfer her job to the closest office near her parent’s home and that suited her fine. She enjoyed being home and could not help but notice how handsome Michael had turned out. More and more she would stare at him as he walked around the house after working out and his muscles rippling.

At twenty-five, she only had one sexual experience and that ended badly for the two of them. The past four years since she masturbated to relieve her feelings of frustrations. However, it was becoming apparent to her that she wanted more than just her fingers every night making her cum. first time sexx 

Mike on the other hand had a few girlfriends and was experienced with the art of lovemaking perhaps more than his years would expect. However, his last sex partner was more than six months ago and more and more he would masturbate sitting at his computer every night. He too wants a lover.

The first few weeks go by quickly and they get along quite well. Lisa reads a lot and one day while she is out Mike picks up her latest novel and reads the back cover. Scanning the promo, he is floored that it describes the characters in the book as having the taboo love affair between a brother and his sister. Mike just says “Holy shit” to himself softly. first time sexx 

Opening the book, he briefs through it and opens the page where Lisa had placed a marker. Reading he comes upon the lines, She placed her lips on the crown of his manhood as Kevin erupted into her waiting mouth. Slowly she swallowed as much as she could but the white cream oozed from her lips. Mike put the novel down and felt his cock getting hard. Maybe there is more to Lisa than he thought.

Later that night watching a baseball game and Lisa reading her book Mike says “Hey Lis, what’s the book about?”

Lisa felt her breath taken out of her when Mike asked her about the book. She felt a quiver between her legs as well which puzzled her. At first, she did not know what to say but realized she had to say something. “It’s the story of a taboo romance between siblings.” Lisa winced inside thinking she flubbed her response to Mike.

“Hey Lis, how about saying it in English?” Mike asked. first time sexx 

“It’s about a brother and sister having a sexual relationship.” She sheepishly replied.

“That’s what I thought you meant. Maybe I’ll read it later, a lot of sex in it?” He asked. Knowing he was teasing her.

“Quite a bit actually.” Lisa said.

“Well, I guess if you and I were stranded on a deserted Island like Lost, nature would probably take its course.” Mike said.

Lisa could feel herself getting wet just listening to Michael speak.

He too was being turned on and knowing his sister as he did he sense she was too. “I would get tired of jerking off every night like I do now and guess we would help each other out. He wondered if he went too far and waited for her reply.

“I know what you mean about masturbating, I yearn for more too.” She replied. Lisa surprised even herself by her bold reply as it surprised Michael too. first time sexx 

They both were stunned with what was just said. He never imagined he would ever speak to his sister so openly and she replied just as bold.

“Maybe then I would see that hot little figure of yours,” Mike said.

“Mike, I know I’M just a plain Jane. You don’t have to put me down.” She said.

“Lisa, you dress terribly, you hide yourself from everyone’s eyes but believe me, and you have a nice figure. You just have no confidence in yourself.” Mike told her.

“I know I hide and I’M tired of it. I want more to life; I want passion and want to let myself be free but am just so afraid to do it with someone. Trust is the key.” Lisa said.

“You know all you need is confidence. Tell you what, tomorrow we will go to Bob’s and I will help pick out some jeans and shirts that actually show that figure of yours.” Michael said.

Lisa listened and although she was scared of comming out of her shell, she hated every day that she did nothing the thought of Michael helping her pick out clothes excited her.

“OK, but promise not to laugh at me if I look foolish.” Lisa said.  first time sexx 

Chapter 2 Sandy opened the door and walked into her living room. Three months she had been in Denver and missed her home more than she realized. She told the k**s she was coming home on Sunday but the chance to come back a day early was more than she could pass up.

“I wonder what they have been up to,” She thought to herself as she walked into the kitchen. Her jaw almost dropped when she saw Michael with two bottles of Coke in his hands but more than that, he had on gym shorts with a full erection. She could not take her eyes off his rigid cock fighting the constraints of the tight material keeping it confined. first time sexx 

Michael did not see her at first but froze instinctively as he became aware of her standing there. At first he did not not know how to react but even just being a twenty year old, he could tell by her gaze that she was staring at his hard cock. Being secure with himself and confident beyond his years he knew she was getting aroused by how she reacted to his erection.

“Hi Mom” Michael said.  How to should first time sex for boys

Sandy realized what was happening and broke her stare from his crotch. “Hi Honey, I decided to come home a day early.” Sandy said.

Looking out the window to the deck, she saw a young woman with her back to her wearing a very revealing bikini. Sandy knew why Michael’s cock was hard and smiled to herself until the girl turned around and Sandy realized it was her Lisa that was in the bikini.

“Oh My God” She said softly to herself.

Lisa saw her mother and quickly came into the kitchen and hugged her closely. Sandy held her tight then released her and looked up and down her daughter much like a guy would check out a woman’s figure.

“What happened to my bookworm daughter?” Sandy asked. first time sexx 

“Long story but I think being pushed by Mike helped me come out of my cocoon. You like my new look?” Lisa asked.

“I can’t believe it’s really you. Who would have thought you would be so cute the way you hid yourself away as you have all these years.” Sandy told Lisa.

Michael stood still holding the two bottles but was aware that his erection was throbbing as he stood and listened to Lisa and his mother talk. He was not quite sure what was happening but the way his mother stared at his hard on had turned him on more than he could ever have imagined.

Sandy could see Michael’s erection and try as she might she just could not take her eyes away from keeping it in her line of view. Lisa too was aware of what was happening and although she and Mike had crossed the line already, she could tell by her mother’s body language that she was becoming aroused sexually.

“So Mom, you must be glad to be back? I hope you don’t have to go back to work right away.” Lisa asked.

“They have given me next week off so I can recover and get back to normal.” Sandy replied.

For the next hour both women sat and chatted as they never had before. Sandy could see a confidence in Lisa that just was never there before. She felt a sense of relief knowing that Lisa was finally out of her self-imposed cocoon. first time sexx 

For Lisa, she felt an equality that she never knew before and enjoyed talking to her mother more as a friend than as a c***d. Both women came to enjoy their conversation and much more would come from this day down the road than either one had ever expected.

The next several days passed and both Michael and Lisa were getting hornier as each hour went by. They talked about how they both noticed how turned on their mother was at the sight of Michael’s erection the day she came back from Denver.

For her part, Sandy could tell by the interactions of her c***dren that there was more than just a brother/sister relationship going on here. She knew Lisa was writing a novel about i****t and frowned on the subject, yet she was becoming aware that not only were her c***dren seem to be acting as though they were indeed in a i****tuous relationship but she was getting turned on by the thought as well. Sandy struggled to figure out what was going on but she just also knew she was horny as hell.” first time sexx 

Lisa and Michael decided that they wanted to see just how far they could go and gage Sandy’s reaction accordingly. Their plan was to slowly become bolder and bolder in their interactions with their mother as the observer. Whether it was to seduce each other or her as well, they had not figured that out either.

Saturday night Sandy showered and looking in the mirror, she admired her figure. At forty-four, she was still blessed with a petite build, much like Lisa’s. The past few days, she noticed how both of them seemed to be dressing skimpier after each showered and then would come out and her feelings were as if they were trying to shock or seduce her. At any rate, it was having and affect. She decided to play their game too and picked out her short white robe which barely went down to her thighs.” Let’s see how they like being teased.” She said to herself.  first time sexx 

Walking into the kitchen, both Michael and Lisa watched from the living room as Sandy came into view wearing her shorty robe. “Holy Cow” Michael said. Lisa too was in awe how hot Sandy looked.

Sandy made sure they got a good view then walked into the room and said, “Why don’t you guys go take your showers and then come back and we can all sit and talk.

Both Lisa and Michael looked at each other and smiled. They both felt as if something was going to happen tonight. The way Sandy said talk just seemed to indicate she was being playful. first time sexx 

Sandy sat reading a novel and Lisa walked into the kitchen. Sandy looked at her and thought how short her nightshirt seemed. It barely covered her crotch. Lisa walked into the living room, bent over, and picked up a magazine opposite Sandy. To her total surprise, Sandy was looking right at Lisa’s naked pussy right in front of her five feet away. Part of her was shocked but another part was intrigued. Lisa sat down next to her mother and started to glance through a magazine. Sandy could not believe how bold her daughter was sitting next to her virtually naked from the waist down. However, she was the one who opened the door to this she told herself.

Michael dried himself as he walked out of the bathroom. He did not care for the wrap around Sandy had given him for his birthday but today he enjoyed how it felt on him. Looking in the mirror, he saw that it was as if he was wearing a mini skirt but this time he enjoyed the look.  first time sexx 

Walking into the living room, he turned and modeled himself for his mother and sister. “So how do you guys like me in a mini skirt.” He said laughingly.

Sandy felt herself quiver between her legs as she looked at Michael modeling in front of her. She did not know if it was because it did indeed look like he had a mini skirt on but also with a full erection right in front of her and Lisa.

“I think it looks cute on you,” Lisa said.

“Just as short as your night shirt my dear.” Sandy said. Join Free Horny Club

“OH, I didn’t realize it was so short but I like it short now.” Lisa said.

“Me too, I like looking at those cute legs of yours.” Michael replied. first time sexx 

“Well, look at you. I bet you could model for one of those porn sites.” Lisa said.

“If I did, you would have to model with me. Especially in that short shirt you have on.” Michael answered.

Sandy did not know what was happening but her pussy was soaking listening to Lisa and Michael flirt with each other. She was enjoying every moment as though she was at a play with the actors right in front of her.

“I have a feeling we might have to be naughty how we posed together but doesn’t that sound exciting.” Lisa said.

“I wouldn’t mind.” Michael replied. He felt his cock throbbing for release as he laid down across from them on the couch.

Michael unfastened the Velcro so that as he leaned over and picked up the remote for the TV his wrap opened fully exposing his throbbing cock to both Lisa and Sandy. He let the material fall wide open and acted as though nothing had happened. first time sexx 

Sandy could only look at her son’s cock just a few feet away. She felt as though she was frozen as events played out in front of her. She could not remember a time that she has been turned on as much and it was her daughter and son that were doing it.

Lisa too felt her pussy soaked and drew her knees up opening her pussy wide open for Michael to see. Sandy looked down and could see Lisa’s shaved pussy glistening with her own fluids dripping between her legs. The Play she was watching kept her frozen in place, even as she ached between her legs for relief.

“You could pose for a woman’s magazine. I bet they would want to watch you get off.” Lisa said.

“I think I could do that pretty easily as long as I have something to look at.” Michael said.

Sandy crossed her legs but that did not help ease the ache she felt. She had never ever felt so turned on as she did now at this exact moment. Without even being aware of it, Sandy opened her robe and slid her panties down exposing her pussy for both Michael and Lisa to see.

Lisa stood up and removed her nightshirt as Sandy also dropped her robe leaving both women fully naked sitting on the couch opposite Michael. first time sexx 

Both Lisa and Michael were not that surprised at Sandy now becoming a part of their story.

“I know a lot of women would love to sit and watch as a young man jerks himself off. Seeing that white sticky cum shoot out would be something they would pay to see.” Sandy said.

Both Lisa and Michael could not believe what their mother just said. Lisa reached down and started to rub her clit slowly. Sandy watched and moved her fingers down to her pussy and started to rub herself too.

Michael watched as both women brought themselves to climax a little bit at a time. He did not want to cum himself until after they had. Lisa felt it cumming over her and rapidly rubbed herself until she felt it over power her pussy completely. She moaned softly as she closed her eyes and felt the fullness of its power.

Sandy moaned as she felt herself cumming. It has been so long since she had one like this. She quivered as she felt it over take her and just moaned softly enjoying every moment.

Michael slowly started to stroke himself. He knew it would not take much to make him cum and looking at two wide open pussy’s in front of him was going to make sure he did not last long. first time sexx 

“I want to see you cum and shoot out that sticky white goo.” Sandy said.

“I’ll jerk myself off this time but I think they might want more pictures than just a guy jerking himself off if I am going to do any porno shoots.” Michael said.

“You jerk off now and we can talk about later.” Lisa said.

Michael stroked himself slowly and closed his eyes for a second then looked at Lisa who had herself spread wide open for him to look at as he masturbated.

“Make yourself cum” Lisa said softly.

Sandy watched and could not believe what was happening to her and the k**s. Part of her questioned the moral part but another savored the excitement of doing something that was forbidden and yet she was enjoying it so much outweighing the consequences. first time sexx 

Michael looked at both Lisa and Sandy with their legs wide open. He could feel his balls tighten as the first of six jets of thick white cum shot from his cock. Both Sandy and Lisa watched mesmerized by the white cream shooting onto Michael’s chest. Slowly Mike stroked the last of his cum from his shaft as his two female partners watched every move.

“I think you could certainly get a part time job letting frustrated women watch you masturbate.’ Sandy said.

“I think Michael would rather have those frustrated women do more than just watch him jerk off.” Lisa said.

“Well, maybe he might just get that wish to come true.” Sandy replied.