How To The Successful At-Home Date Night

For many couples, especially long-term ones, a date night is a crucial way to keep a relationship fresh and the fire burning. While many sex tips recommend going out to new and vibrant places, an at-home DN can also be very rewarding – especially with the bedroom in such close proximity for an erotic finale to the evening. Doubtless, a successful at-home DN will benefit from proper attention to penis care, but before the member is brought out to play, the rest of the evening needs to be put together with thought and care.

date night : Think about what she likes.

This is a no-brainier, but as with so many sex tips, keeping her wants and tastes foremost when planning the evening is crucial. What foods does she especially like? What sort of per-bedroom entertainment catches her attention? What kind of decorations or setting will please her? Any partner is pleased when a man exhibits a genuine awareness of her preferences.

Now make it special.

Once a man has considered his partner’s likes, he needs to figure out what he can do to kick it up a notch. She may say that ordering in a pizza would be great, but perhaps she’d be even more pleased if her man made one from scratch (assuming he’s decent in the kitchen). If it’s been decided that watching a movie would be nice, don’t just pick out what’s available from the On Demand function. Instead, search out that special Rom-com she loves or that movie she saw when she was a little girl and has been dying to see again. And investing in a lovely bouquet of flowers for the dinner table is almost always a good idea.

Consider something different.

Dinner and a movie is a fine at-home date, but maybe she’d be in the mood for something else. Consider breaking out some board games, opening up a jigsaw puzzle or playing some cards. Even better, take an existing board game and personalize it. For example, if playing a game in which one buys properties, create cards for the properties that have a personal connection (the restaurant from one’s first date, the hotel from a recent vacation, etc.).

One can move beyond games, of course. Maybe one’s partner would enjoy hearing some passionate love sonnets by a favorite poet read aloud to her. Pr-selecting a number of rhythmic tunes can allow a couple to turn their living room into a dance floor. If a guy has some talent on a musical instrument, he might perform some of his mate’s favorite numbers – and encourage her to sing along to them.

date night : Spice things up a little.

Playing poker can be fun; playing strip poker can be fun and arousing. Serving dinner in the nude adds a new flavor to the meal. Adding in a sensual backrub while watching a movie helps prepare a partner for post-movie romping. Whispering bawdy limericks into a mate’s ear while putting together a jigsaw puzzle may make her blush – in a good way, of course.

Finding ways to add a little spice to the at-home DN makes it that much more special. After all, one of the pluses of staying at home on a date is that a couple can behave in a more intimate manner than in public.

As these at-home DN sex tips hopefully will result in a delicious finish to the evening, a guy will want to make sure that his penis is appropriately healthy for the occasion. Regular use of a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. Nothing spoils a carefully cultivated mood more quickly than unveiling one’s manhood and finding it is accompanied by an unpleasant odor. A creme with vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties, can help to diminish unfortunate penis odors. Similarly, if the member’s skin is dry and flaky, it isn’t especially inviting. A crème packed with natural moisturizers such as vitamin E and Shea butter can help keep penis skin supple and well-hydrated. A guy should put a lot of effort into an at-home date night – and also into presenting his manhood in the best possible light.