Jerry’s Huge Cock

Huge Cock When I met Jerry at work I knew there was something different about him he was average in looks and was about 5 foot 7 140 pounds he was all skin and bone but what was special about him is that he was hiding a huge package in his pants the first time I noticed it is when we took a shower and I noticed that his flaccid penis Was well over 7 inches long and look to have a circumference of 6 inches to say the least it was impressive he was soaping up his penis as he was taking his shower and I couldn’t help but stare

I started to get an erection and he looked at me and smiled he said don’t be embarrassed a lot of guys get turned on by my huge cock as we were talking it looked like bl**d was flowing into his penis and swelling even bigger I could only imagine what this would look like with a full erection after I got out of the shower I watched him walk back to his locker with his cock swinging like a small arm between his legs You could tell he was proud to show it off. after work I asked him if he wanted to come back to my place for a few beers and he said sure I was kind of excited because one day at work he told me that his cock is so big that he can’t get his hand around it I told him he had to be joking no one’s cock is that big and he just laughed ..

when we arrived at my apartment I put it in a couple of p*** tapes and pulled out a few beers and started watching I noticed that Jerry was adjusting himself in the chair that’s when I saw the huge bulge in his pants my heart started to race as I could just imagine how big it will eventually get that’s when I made the move to start to jack off while watching the p*** movies on TV jerry said man you must really be horny and I said I was and that I needed to cum. he asked me how big my cock was and I was embarrassed to say that it was only 5 inches long then he asked me if I wanted to see a real cock that’s when I realized that I was about to see that beautiful

Monster in his pants Huge cock

he started to take his pants down and the Bulge in his underwear was incredible he asked me over and wanted to know if I wanted to help take it out and I said you bet I do.. I reached into his underwear and went straight for the base of the shaft and could not get my fingers around it there was at least an inch between my middle finger and my thumb the feeling of its girth got me rock hard and I almost came… he said go ahead and stroke it he said everyone that sees my cock can’t keep their hands off of it my girlfriend loves to tell her friends how huge I am I usually end up f****** them to..

when I finally got a full look at this cock there were so many huge veins on it that it look like a bodybuilders arm pencil thick veins went up and down the entire length of the shaft they were big enough to put an IV in I could actually feel his pulse through the veins on his cock as I stroke him he was leaking a tremendous amount of pre-c** it was dripping down my forearm and making a puddle on the floor I tried to lick up as much as I could.. The head of his penis was the size of a small apple with a piss hole the size of my little finger which I could stick half my tongue in and taste the sweet pre-c** When his cock finally reached full erection it was at least 11 and a half inches long by 7 1/2 inches circumference by far the biggest penis I have ever seen it also had balls the size of eggs This cock was world class in stature.

huge cock

huge cock

As I was sucking him he told me that many guys loved To Worship His massive cock and I told them I could see why it was something very special he told me his girlfriend said that he shoots more sperm than any man she has ever seen and I could not wait to find out for myself like I said he has average looks but his girlfriend was a perfect 10 and I knew why she was hanging out with him He told me when he f**** her that she could only get 3/4 of his cock inside her because he is so big and I can certainly see why, as I was stroking him and he was telling me these stories I shot off an incredible load of cum.. without even touching myself I was so turned on by being able to worship This incredible penis I could tell he was getting close to cumming because his balls started to recess in his nutsack and the head of his penis was at a massive size just at that moment he shot off A 3 foot rope of c** pencil thick straight up in the air and I managed to maneuver myself underneath it and catch it all on my face and mouth that one rope of c** was more then one man’s whole ejaculation it was incredible but that was just the beginning…

he shot off 12 more footlong ropes of c** in my face and mouth I was completely drenched.. I have never in my life seen so much semen it was pure white thick and so tasty this stuff was born for breeding he produces so much sperm in one single ejaculation that it cannot be believed, But I was so happy and privileged to be able to worship that specimen.. I told him when we were finished that if he ever needed someone to worship his cock to remember me and I was willing to pay him for the opportunity he said he would keep it in mind but he also has a lot of other people that are waiting in line to get a piece of him then I started to think how lucky his girlfriend was to be able to come home and f*** that every night I don’t think she knows how lucky she is but then again maybe she does

Part 2 coming……………