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lesbian girls sex It was Saturday night in Sunny-dale. Dawn sat on the edge of her bed in her bedroom. She felt restless and bored. Buffy had told her that she had to stay home tonight. She was mad about some silly incident at school.


Dawn had gone to Willow, but she wouldn’t help. So here she sat all alone in the big house. She kept trying to think of things to do, but all she wanted to do was get out of here. No one understood her. She felt like no one paid much attention to her anymore either.


The group of new slayers kept growing, but no one had asked her to join them. And really, who was better prepared to be a slayer then her. She was Buffy’s sister. After everything that had happened, she sure had proved that she was worthy of this.

The more Dawn thought of all this, the more she couldn’t stand being here in this room another minute. She got up, went to the closet and picked out her tightest jeans. She then selected a tiny tight top that showed off her cute little hard stomach and soft young breasts. As she passed the door she checked herself out in the mirror. Umm, yep, she looked hot tonight, and she was going to go have some fun. She didn’t care what happened. She was tired of being ignored. lesbian girls sex

Dawn crept down the stairs, looking around just in case someone had come in. No, no one was home. She opened the front door and quickly escaped down the front walk. After walking around for a bit, she decided to go to that new club she heard about on the other side of town. “I look older in this outfit. I bet I can get in easy,” she thought to herself.

Dawn was getting excited now at the prospect of a good night with allot of music and dancing, and best of all, no Buffy or Willow to spy on her. This was going to be her night to do it all. lesbian girls sex

As she rounded the corner, she saw the large red neon sign blinking above the building. Dancing Demons, it read. Cute name for a new club, thought Dawn. Loud music was blaring from inside. A large crowd of people stood outside waiting to enter. Dawn decided to blend in with the crowd and try to walk in with a group of cute girls standing nearby. She walked up, smiled and started talking. Just then they were motioned to step forward. Dawn smiled her best sexy smile at the doorman, and to her surprise it worked, and in she went.

Once inside, Dawn could see that everyone was lot older then she was. This was exciting. She walked up to the huge bar on the side of the room. The bartender looked up, leered at her suggestively checking out every inch of her young body with one glance. “What’ill be, little one, a coke or a lemonade?” he said.

“Give her anything she wants,” said a voice from the end of the bar. Dawn looked over. She could barely make out a tall man sitting in the corner of the dimly lit room. He smiled at her, she didn’t quite know what to do now. She wanted a real drink.

“So, well, why not just accept this,” she thought to herself. She smiled at him timidly and said, “Thanks.” lesbian girls sex

After about three of those drinks that the “nice stranger” had offered her, Dawn felt very much at ease and ready to party on the dance floor. Soon she was out there dancing with everyone, girls, guys, anyone. She felt good. This was fun. She saw a cute girl in the corner. She had long blonde hair and the nicest smile. The girl came over and pulled her to her.

“Come dance with me,” she said. Dawn was eager to join her. Soon they were dancing in the middle of the room, their bodies moving closer and closer as they danced to the pulsating beat. lesbian girls sex

Dawn liked this girl. She was having so much fun that she didn’t notice several men had joined the guy at the bar. All three were concentrating only on her now. They were moving closer and closer to the two girls. Dawn was totally oblivious to anything, but this pretty girl and how great her body looked moving to the music. As she smiled at her, moving her hips, arms raised above her head, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Dawn turned, and saw the group of men right there almost on top of her. They leered at her, and she felt a small twinge of fear. Dawn turned back and the girl had vanished. This was very strange but she didn’t have time to think about it right now.

She decided quickly that the best thing to do was get out of here fast. She now knew these men were after more than a dance or smile… As she rushed away, she tried to lose herself in the crowd of dancers on the floor. She darted in an out between couples. The men followed. Dawn looked around the room now and noticed an exit sign close by. She rushed to the door and pushed it open. The cold night air hit her like a brick.

Dawn stood there for a moment. She looked back and saw the men coming fast, so she pushed outside and slammed the door behind her. Leaning on the closed door, she took a few deep breaths. She knew she had too much to drink now and that she needed to get out of there fast. She looked up and noticed that she was alone in a dark alley behind the club. Feeling more than anxious, she slowly crept along the side of the building towards the street light at the end of the long passage way. lesbian girls sex


She could feel her heart pounding now, as she began to run. Just as she was about to enter the street, she saw the shadow of a man standing right in front of her. She turned and tried to run back, but there was now another man behind her. She was trapped. Dawn stood still then, and tried to remember all the skills she had learned from her s!ster. She was scared, but she could take care of these men. They were only men after all, not demons. And she was Dawn, Buffy’s s!ster, and she was a future slayer. She knew she could do this.


Feeling fairly confident now, Dawn stopped and stood firm in front of the men. They both moved closer and she held her ground. All she could see of them was the outline of their images in the darkness. As they both approached her closer now, she saw their faces. They were not just men. No, now they had somehow changed to demons, with huge teeth and large eyes and huge arms about to attack her. She realized that she was really in trouble now. She needed something to stake them with, but she was trapped.


They each moved closer now. Four more demons joined them and trapped her as they formed a circle around her. She turned from one face to the other, trying to find some way out. They moved closer and closer towards her. Soon they were on top of her. Tossing her against the pavement like a rag doll. Each time she would get up and try to fight them off again. But she was no match for the entire group here. lesbian girls sex

Just then Faith came walking around the corner.

She had heard something and being Faith she had to investigate. She saw the demons beating at a pretty young girl. She was losing the fight fast, and needed help. Faith wondered why this always seemed to happen to her.

Trouble was always there nearby. Here she was back in this town for only two weeks and the demons were out, and she was going to have to play slayer again so quickly. She knew inside that she loved this. Actually, got off kicking demon ass, but still she had wanted to come back to Sunnydale and start over first with everyone before all this started. “Well no time for this now,” she said to herself. Here was this girl in front of her, and a large group of nasty b**sts to slay fast. lesbian girls sex

Just as Dawn was about to collapse, she heard a girl’s voice yell “Here, use this,” and a stake fell in front of her. She quickly reached out on the ground in front of her and picked it up. The demons approached now. She stood up quickly, facing one. Just as it came closer, she reached out and staked it.

Poof it was dust. She had really done it.

Dawn felt a bit better now, but the others were now coming at her. She couldn’t stake all of them. She had vanquished one, but she wasn’t going to be able to get all the rest of them. She stood there and let out a loud scream in terror. Just then, the figure of a girl in black appeared from the shadows. She yelled at Dawn now, “Get moving, don’t just stand there,” Dawn complied and started to fight again.

The girl was good. The demons were no match for her talent. She kicked, she fought she staked them all with very little effort. Dawn helped, but she felt a bit sick now and was really shaking. When Dawn saw that all the demons were gone at last, she collapsed to the ground. She sat there in the dark alley shaking and holding herself. Soon she began to cry. She didn’t want to, but she couldn’t help it. lesbian girls sex

Faith approached, “Hey,” she said… “what was that? Some slayer you are.”

Dawn looked up and saw the image of a pretty girl standing there above her. She had long dark hair in curls, big brown eyes and a soft but very fit body. She wore tight jeans and a tiny t shirt. “I’m not a slayer yet,” murmured Dawn, in a small voice.

“Sure, could have fooled me,” replied Faith. “You were standing you’re ground there at first. So, you must be one of the group of newbies they brought in.”

“No,” said Dawn. “I will be though, I am going to be a slayer.”

Faith looked down at Dawn and extended her hand. “Well get up off the ground then, future slayer. And stop shaking. You have to learn some control if you’re going to be doing this?” Dawn allowed her to pull her up now. As she stood there in front of the very pretty girl, she realized that she immediately liked her… lesbian girls sex

She was tough and strong, but something about her seemed soft and kind too.

Dawn smiled as she extended her hand. “I’m so glad you came along,” she said, managing a little smile. “My name is Da…”

“No names are needed,” interrupted Faith. “You’re lucky I was around. You would have been Demons’ dinner in another minute. But hey, you look like crap.”

Dawn looked down and noticed that her pretty little shirt was torn to shreds. Her arms were bl**dy and dirty, her nice new jeans were ripped at the knees.

“Hey, I don’t know how old you are but I don’t think you want to go home looking like that, do you?” asked Faith, as she gently pushed Dawns hair back off her face… “You need a good shower and a little help with those cuts. You’re getting a nice black eye there too. I have a place around the corner, come on let’s clean you up, ok?” Dawn shook her head in agreement, and the two walked off to a large building down the street.

Faith led her up the front walk and into a huge bare lobby. “Well up these stairs, about 5 flights, and were there,” she said. lesbian girls sex


Dawn began to feel weak as she climbed the last flight of stairs. The drinks and fighting with the demons must have been more exhausting then she thought. Faith noticed, and put her arm around her now, pulling her up the rest of the way. “You look bad, little one,” she said. Come on this is it,” she led her to a door and into a small, dark one room apartment.

Dawn saw a big bed and quickly collapsed on it.

“What you need now is sleeep,” she said, as she sat down next to the young girl. “You crash for a while and I will get us some food. Be right back. You’re safe here.”

Dawn smiled up at that face, with the big brown eyes, and soft pouty lips. “Ok, I will,” she said in a weak voice. She fell back and immediately collapsed into a deep sl**p.


Faith sat there on the bed next to Dawn for a while. Gazing at the pretty girl here asleeep on her bed, she began to stroke her soft brown hair. She didn’t know why, but she felt something familiar about her. She was very pretty, but young and vulnerable. Still she was strong and determined. Faith liked the way she had stood her ground there even though she was out numbered. She almost reminded her of herself when she was younger. lesbian girls sex

“Well, enough of this crap,” Faith said to herself.

She would go get some food, clean up this girl and send her on her way. She had no room for feelings now. Feelings complicated things. She was here for one reason. To make up for her past and to help with the trouble in Sunnydale now.


Dawn slept soundly. She didn’t even wake up when Faith returned with a bag of hamburgers. Slamming the door behind her, Faith sat down on the bed next to her. “Time to wake up now,” Faith said firmly. Shaking Dawn a bit as she moved her fingers over her soft pretty face. “She looks so sweet lying there,” she thought. She immediately pushed that thought out of her head. “Stop this, now,” she said to herself firmly. “She is just a girl, nothing special,” still she couldn’t shake the feeling of familiarity and closeness she felt for this young girl. lesbian girls sex


Dawn woke up then, and smiled as she stretched her long arms and legs and sat up. “You have food,” she said eagerly. “I’m starved.”

“Great,” said Faith as she handed Dawn a huge hamburger. Dawn devoured the food quickly, then sat back and began to smile. “You’re great, you know. Thanks for saving me out there. You must be a slayer too, but you’re not new. You’re good, just as good as my…”

“No more of this,” said Faith. “I hate compliments. I did what I did, you’re fine now, so let’s get on with it. Go get cleaned up, you’re a mess.”


Dawn smiled again. She knew this girl was trying so hard to be tough, but she wasn’t really. She was nice. Dawn got up and went into the small bathroom.

“Use that big towel there,” shouted Faith from the other room. “Just get clean, then we will fix up the cuts and bruises.” lesbian girls sex


Dawn did as she was told. She pulled off her tattered clothes, and stepped into the shower. The hot water felt so good on her sore and bruised body. She took a long time to wash off the dirt and remnants of the night. As she stepped out onto the cold bathroom floor, she reached for the big towel and quickly pulled it around her. She realized that it wasn’t really very big, as it didn’t seem to cover much of her tall body. She stepped out into the other room and walked across the floor, trying to keep the towel down over her round firm ass. lesbian girls sex


Faith looked up and noticed that not only was this girl pretty, but she was pretty darn sexy too. She just had to check out her ass as she turned around in front of her. Faith felt something now that she had not felt in ages. She was really getting aroused by this girl here. “Gee stop this,” she said to herself. Get a grip, she’s just a girl.”


Faith had feelings for another girl once before. Yep she couldn’t deny this anymore. She had always wanted Buffy. But well, she never admitted that to herself until she was far away from this place and able to deal with the past. Now, for the first time, she felt this feeling again for a girl. She sat on the bed now and just stared at Dawn. She was tall, and had great legs. Long firm tanned thighs. And that face and pretty long hair were almost irresistible. She had wanted to touch her from the start. lesbian girls sex

“No way,” Faith said to herself again. “Stop this now, no involvements.”

Dawn walked over to bed and sat down next to Faith. “Can I have another towel to dry my hair?” she asked.


Faith wanted to say, “Take off that one, and use it,” but she didn’t. Instead she got up and found a small towel and threw it at Dawn. “Here use this,” she said, trying to sound firm but not quite getting away with it.


“Thanks,” said Dawn, as she began to rub her long hair dry.

Faith watched her. She was full of so many emotions now. She hated emotions. She was too strong and tough for this. But… this girl was so soft, and sweet, and young, and kind of innocent. And, oh, she was sexy. Faith bet that she was a virgin. “Oh God,” that thought made Faith wet now. To be able to make love to this young pretty, sweet girl… It was just too hot. lesbian girls sex


She thought of all the times when she was alone and had thought of Buffy this way. She never let it go far though. She blocked it out of her mind instantly. But she knew that she felt it. And now, this girl. Well she seemed to make all those thoughts come back, only stronger now.


Dawn continued to dry her long hair. “We better get those cuts cleaned up too,” said Faith as he brought over a small first aid kit. Dawn winced as Faith applied antiseptic to the cuts on her face and arms and back. “You took a beating, didn’t you? I’m surprised you don’t look worse than this,” murmured Faith.


“That stings,” complained Dawn, but she still kept smiling as this pretty girl continued to take such good care of her. lesbian girls sex

“Well that is much better now isn’t it?” said Faith, as she applied the last band aid to a cut on Dawns’ arm.


“Thanks,” said Dawn in a small voice. Faith noticed now how pretty Dawn’s eyes were, and oh how close she was to her. Dawn reached out and touched Faiths arm. “You’re so nice to me, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along, they had me for sure.”


Dawn’s face was very close to Faith’s now. Faith could smell her soft clean skin. She tried to resist. “It’s nothing,” she said. “You were in trouble and I was there, nothing more than that.” lesbian girls sex


“Ok,” said Dawn staring right into Faiths’ eyes now.

The girls were sitting on the bed so close now… Inches from each other. Dawn bent over to pull the towel off her hair, and accidentally touched Faiths’ shoulder with hers. Faith felt the warmth of Dawns soft skin on hers now. She knew that all she wanted to do right now, was to touch this girl. Feel her, and…


Faith bent in and kissed Dawns soft warm lips. Dawn didn’t stop her. Instead she responded with a hard, deep passionate kiss of her own. Faith felt the hot passion rise up inside her. She kissed Dawn back. Even harder, deeper and with more passion. Soon the girls were kissing over and over. Faith took Dawn’s sweet pretty face in her hands, and gazing into her eyes, she kissed her again. Dawn responded with a deep hungry kiss, and a low moan.


Faith reached out and began to caress Dawns’ bare shoulders. Her skin was so soft. She found the towel, and gently pulled it down and off her body. Dawn sat there staring at Faith and allowing her to do anything she wanted to her. She felt so hot now, and her pussy was getting damp. She liked that feeling. It made her want to touch Faith now. She timidly reached out and touched the girl’s firm breasts through her t-shirt. Faith looked into Dawn’s eyes and said “Want me to get out of these clothes now?”

Dawn whispered, “Yes.” lesbian girls sex

Faith stood up and slowly undressed in front of the naked young girl. She smiled a sexy smile as she pulled of her small t-shirt revealing perfect round, soft breasts. Dawn couldn’t stop staring at Faith’s breasts right there in front of her.


“Here, touch me,” said Faith in a deep whisper. Dawn reached out and took each of Faith’s supple breasts in her hands and began to gently caress them. “Oh, that feels so good,” said Faith as she stood above Dawn now.


Dawn bent in and began to lick each of Faith’s rock-hard nipples, and then began to suck on them… “Umm,” she moaned, as she tasted Faith’s soft skin for the first time, another’s skin for the first time.

Faith stepped back and slowly unbuttoned her tight pants and slid them off. She now had on only a small white thong. Dawn let out a tiny gasp as Faith quickly slipped off the thong and stood there naked in front of her. lesbian girls sex


Faith pulled Dawn to her feet now. She took her in her arms and began to kiss her body. She worked her way down from her face to her neck. To her soft young breasts. She stopped there and began to lick and suck on Dawn’s nipples. Then she took each in her hands and began to rub her fingers over them until they were so hard Dawn began to moan again.

Faith smiled at that.

She loved the sound of this young girl getting excited and wanting more.


She bent down in front of Dawn, and taking her hips in her hands, she began to lick her hard stomach, moving her tongue down to Dawn’s pussy. She stopped there and stood up. She then gently sat Dawn down on the edge of the bed. Getting down on her knees in front of her now, Faith spread the young girl’s firm tanned thighs. She then crawled in, and began to lick each of them up to her now soaking set pussy. Dawn was beginning to shake. lesbian girls sex


Faith pulled Dawn’s soft, pink pussy lips apart now with her fingers, and began to lick her slit. Up and down, up and down. Dawn was now moaning and begging for more. “Oh, that feels so good, do it more,” she said breathlessly.


Faith was happy to comply. She began to suck on the young girl’s clit. She teased her with her eager tongue, flicking it in and out, and all over Dawn’s clit till she begged again for more. Faith pushed Dawn back down on the bed now and climbed up. She began to lick and suck on her clit. Dawn was soaking wet now. Her hot young pussy juices were beginning to drip down her thighs.


Faith loved the taste of Dawns pussy. It was so sweet and warm… She couldn’t hold out any more now.

She took two fingers and slid them into Dawns virgin pussy. Dawn let out a low scream and Faith shoved them in, deep, deeper and deeper. Dawn raised her hips and plunged them towards Faiths face. “More, oh more,” she screamed. Faith began to fuck Dawn harder and deeper now with her two fingers. lesbian girls sex


Dawn was responding, moving her hips up and down trying to make Faith fuck her deeper. She was gasping now. Faith pulled out her fingers and dove her face into the young girls dripping wet pussy. Pushed her hot eager tongue up, up, up, and fucked her fast and hard. Dawn was screaming, and Faith fucked her harder and faster. All the while lapping the hot wet juices that spilled out of the young girl’s pussy. She tasted so good.

Dawn finally stopped and came in one long violent jolt. xxx video

Faith held on. She felt so hot now herself. She noticed her own pussy was dripping wet too. She could feel the warm liquid spilling down her thighs as she sat up now and pulled Dawn to her. Dawn put her arms around Faith and kissed her deeply. Tasting her own pussy juices on Faith’s warm lips. Faith kissed her back. Dawn felt so good now, but she also wanted more. She wanted to taste this girl’s pussy too.


She looked into Faiths’ eyes now, and said in a low voice. “I want to fuck you now too,” Faith grabbed her and kissed her again very hard. lesbian girls sex


Dawn pushed Faith down on the bed. It was her turn, and she knew she wanted to touch, and kiss, and lick this girl’s pussy more than anything she ever wanted before. Before she could do a thing, Faith grabbed her waist and pulled her up to her. She turned her around on the bed and began to slowly lick Dawn’s perfect ass. Dawn was now screaming in delight. She eagerly turned and began to kiss Faith’s breasts, working her mouth down to her eager waiting pussy.


Dawn looked at her pussy now. She loved how it looked. The soft pink lips that parted so easily when she spread them. She saw Faith’s wet juices spilling out now and she eagerly began to lick at them. She tasted so good. Oh, a girl’s pussy was so sweet and warm. She had wondered about this, now she was tasting it. Really tasting it, and… oh my, fucking this girl’s pussy with her tongue. lesbian girls sex


Dawn pushed her tongue up inside Faith. Faith let out a long low moan. ‘Oh, that tasted so good,’ thought Dawn, as she continued on. She soon was lapping and sucking on Faiths slit, and moving her lips over her clit. Then again plunging her eager tongue inside and making Faith scream. ‘Oh, her pussy feels so good around my tongue,’ thought Dawn.


Faith was screaming now, “Fuck me. Fuck me,” so Dawn took three fingers and plunged them up inside Faiths hot, wet pussy. cerita seks cewek manja yang punya nafsu gede


Faith let out a scream. Dawn shoved them in deeper and deeper, and faster and faster. Soon she was fucking Faith so fast, and Faith was pushing her hips up and down so fast that Dawn thought she would explode. Suddenly she did…

She let go in a long spasm. And let her hips slam down on the bed.

Dawn climbed up and began to kiss Faith. Faith kissed Dawn. They lay like that for ages. Holding each other and kissing. Their naked wet bodies melded together as one.

Soon they drifted off to sleeep. lesbian girls sex


The sun peaked though the tiny window above the bed. Dawn sat up as it shined into her eyes. She was confused for a moment, but then remembered where she was, and what had happened the night before. She turned and saw Faith sitting there staring at her. Her naked body was so beautiful in the sunlight.


Dawn smiled. Faith smiled back. It was the first real smile that she had managed in years. She was finally happy, and this young sweet girl had made that happen. She knew that she really cared about her now. She was someone very special. Faith reached out and stroked Dawn’s face. Dawn looked at her and felt so happy.


“Do I get to know your name now?” she said as she gazed into Faith’s soft brown eyes.

“I suppose it won’t matter anymore,” said Faith… “but first what is yours? You started to tell me. Diane? Or…?”

“No, it’s Dawn, the young girl replied.

“Dawn, well that is a pretty name for a pretty girl,” said Faith happily.

“So, you’re a slayer?” asked Dawn.

“Yep, that’s me,” said Faith with a grin.

“And you, little one? You say you’re going to be a slayer?”

“Yep, I….” Just then there was a loud knock on the door.


Faith got up, and pulling the sheet around her, she walked to the door. “So, who is it, and what do you want?” she said loudly, a bit irritated at being disturbed at this moment. She flung open the door and the figure of a man stood there in the hall before her.


“Faith, when were you going to contact me?” said the man as he brushed by her and pushed into the room. “We need you and we have been waiting for you to come. I have had my scouts out searching and we finally found you.”

Faith looked up and smiled… “Hey don’t sweat it, I’m here now, Gilesie, but I’m a bit busy now,” she motioned to the bed.  arab sex اول مرة انيك .. جارتى ..قصه حقيقية


Giles looked into the sparse room and noticed an unmade bed and a few furnishings. “Faith you always pick the nicest places to stay,” he exclaimed. lesbian girls sex

Faith looked again. Dawn was gone. Well that was best. She didn’t want anyone to know about her yet. She was too special to share with others now.


Faith and Giles spoke for a while, and he finally left. Faith went to the bathroom and pulled open the door. Dawn stood there staring at her now. “How do you know Giles?” she asked. “I didn’t hear much I just ran for the bathroom…”

“Well Dawn, he is the reason I am here.”

“You’re here to help us, aren’t you?” said Dawn.

Faith gave her a puzzled look as she let the sheet slip to the floor. “Never mind that now, Dawn,” she said unable to concentrate on anything but the soft, sexy, naked body in front of her now. wife stories sexy wf mom can i fuck u


She reached in and pulled the young girl to her. They kissed deeply. Just then the door opened. Giles rushed in with a group of people. “Faith, this is bad, we need to act now, the others found me and we have to go now,” he shouted.


Both girls stood there naked in the door way to the bathroom kissing. As they heard Giles voice they looked up to see…

Giles, Buffy, Willow, Xander and Anya standing there staring at them…

“Hey guys,” Dawn said sheepishly.