Safe Sex: Getting the Right Condom Size

Condom size is an essential part of safe sex. If you select the right sized condom for safe sex which is essential to true contentment. Condoms can reduce the sensitivity of the stone, not the sex that’s just fucking time it may open hazard. Again the tight condom reduces sexual pleasure but sex on the pressure. In addition, condoms can be torn. Just select the right sized condom is not only for sexual pleasure and for prevention of venereal disease and unwanted pregnancy is necessary. Sadly, that is not always the right size condoms available in the market. Many people do not know that condoms are available in different sizes. For your penis size and condom sizes is also important to know the right. How to choose the right sized condom In this post we’ll discuss the matter for safe sex.
Right sized condom

Right sized condom for  safe sex  hoping:

First, to say what is the size of a strong sex. So the first way (stimulating stories or watching a movie or otherwise) to the edge of the penis. Then the sign of strong fabric foliage at the base of one corner of sex and sex with one hand hold the nozzle of the drag along the length of the thread. Sex is a blur in front of penis head. Then put on the table next to her on a scale to match the fabric and thread Hold the edge of the stain to measure the length. The length of your penis length. Now we need to measure the circumference of sex. The range of size is more important than the selection of condoms for sex. That is why sex is the thick edge of the fabric down with a finger in one corner of the fabric along the periphery of sex with exactly where the thread ends are pressed with a finger up there, and there’s a stain day. Then put on the table next to her on a scale to match the threads of the thread along the edges of the stain to measure the length of the part. That will get the length of the circumference of your sex or girth. It was thrilling to measure the size of the sex of one’s partner can do safe sex. Then we will be able to choose the right sized condom.

Condom size and its  safe sex’s  measurement:

The length of the condom packet of condoms in commercial (Length) and width (nominal width) is written. Do not use a condom the first in what will be how much its width is 0.9 times the scope of your sex. But that number is divided by 2 to get him. Then you will get the exact width of the condom is necessary for your safe sex. Give an example to explain that clean. Hold your sex circumference of 4.5 inches. If the condom is necessary for the proper width = \ franc {0.9 \ times 4.5} {2} = 2.025 inches (51 mm). To estimate the circumference of your sex as 11.43 inches, the width is the quality of the rest of the condom is the right size in mm.

length measurement of condom:
When buying a packet of condoms from now on the text length and width to buy it. But it’s absolutely essential that you get the right size, there is no fix. Now that it is so close to the size of your size. The most common market “regular” size condom, whose width is about 52 to 53 mm, It is suitable for those whose sex from 4.7 to 5.1 inches in circumference. Sex circumference greater than the “large” size condom and sex circumference of less than “small” in size condom. However, condoms are always repackaged “large”, “regular” or “Small” is written there. Buy condoms at the length and breadth of writing. The table below is a list of some of the brands of condoms, and their size. (So ​​if you’re in India) they were buying links. If you do not market that you can buy condoms from local links. Online shopping on the condom packet logically belongs in writing, so there is no fear of being exposed. For the purpose of safe sex you have to take right size condom.